Micro Batch Feeders are suitable for feeding flowing powders and granular materials which tend to clog. A completely modular system design ensures the right solution for all user requirements.

SAKSHAM is the leading manufacturer of Micro Feed Screw, Micro Batch Feeder, and Micro Dosing Screw in the industry. At SAKSHAM, We build and design a Micro Batch Feeder that will increase the safety of your operations. And also reduce your cost as well as cater to your material. We make sure to upgrade and modernize existing systems and provide a comprehensive quality of components.

Description of Micro Batch Feeders

The Micro Batch Feeder for continuous volumetric feeding of powdery or granular materials consists of a steel-reinforced SINT engineering polymer body (body completely manufactured from stainless steel), amounted rotating agitator tool, a feeder screw beneath the agitator tool, a feeder pipe enclosing the protruding feeder screw, one drive unite each for agitator & feeder screw.

However, Tests on product flow and material stress carry out to establish the most favorable body geometry. Agitator and feeder tool geometry, as well as materials tested, too before choosing an optimal steel & SINT engineering polymer composite.

On request, Micro Feed Screw is a supplier in food-grade versions with both FDA and EN approval.

What is the Function of MBF?

Micro Batch Feeders for powder and granular material feeding are suitable for flowing materials that tend to clog, along with adhesive materials. Depending on the user’s individual necessities and materials characteristics, MBF can supply alternative feeder screws and blending tools, with the addition of assorted accessories.

For more than four decades, MBF has been operating among other in the following industries;

  • Foods
  • Buildings Materials
  • Plastics
  • Chemicals
  • Packaging
  • Environmental Technology

Features of Micro Batch Feeders

  • 3 sizes available
  • Feed rate: 3 dm3/h ~ 4,000 dm3/h (0.001 ~2.4 cfm)
  • Body manufactured from SINT engineering polymer or stainless steel (the feeder may come in stainless steel with all components being interchangeable with the SINT version)
  • Agitator & feeder tool with separate drive units
  • Because of independent drive units it is possible to pick different drive powers and speeds for both blending shaft and feeder screw
  • Wide variety of interchangeable SINT engineering polymer or stainless steel feeder tools
  • Huge range of interchangeable components: seals, feeding pipe
  • High level of homogeneity of the material fed
  • Versatile, flexible, compact, reliable, accurate


  • Small clearance among screw flight and feeder pipe ensuring high accuracy feeding
  • Internal body geometry ensuring free flow of complicated materials
  • Flexibility in choice of model most appropriate for material to fed
  • Easy and quick maintenance because of limited number of components
  • Easy as well as quick cleaning due to non-stick SNIT engineering polymer surface & quick access panel


  • Feeders manufactured from FDA and EN-approved, food-grade SINT engineering polymer or fully in stainless steel
  • ATEX certification
  • Vertical outlet
  • Pneumatic activator / electric vibrator
  • Bag feeding hoppers with different geometries to increase storage capability (available complete with flow aids on request)
  • Round/square bag feeding hopper with driven vertical agitator tool for materials that tend to pack under pressure
  • Feeder pipe liner made from standard or food-grade SINT engineering polymer

SAKSHAM offers the best Micro Dosing Screw to its customers with a wide range of equipment that are dependable, secured and easy to maintain. Our state-of-the-art feeders are compact and simple. It is easy to transport, erect and takes to pieces the material.

We make sure to give special preference to designing the head and tail pulley assemblies. The heavy-duty assemblies make sure extended belt life due to it excellent tracking facility.

Furthermore, we offer the widest variety of optional accessories at SAKSHAM from the renowned brands that are available with your profit partner Saksham. Along with productivity, we ensure security for our customers. We have a complete list of safety equipment that can add to carry out the safe operation.

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