Screw Conveyors and Feeders are manufactured from carbon steel / Stainless steel with reasonable surface finishing. They consist of a tubular trough outfitted with at least one bay and outlet spout, a welded flange at each tube end, helicoids screw battle is welded on a center pipe with a coupling shrubbery at each end, two end bearing congregations complete with self-adjusting shaft seal, various transitional bearings depending on the general length of screw conveyor.

The tubular screw conveyor is proposed to keep up nonstop material feed into the downstream process. The simple clear version guarantees quick and efficient cleaning, while the flexible adaptation can easily avoid obstacles in a restrictive environment. All designs are expected to be used as a adaptable feeding system for powders and mass solids.


  • Tubular Screw Conveyors are outfitted with a gear motor fitting for the application
  • The modular Tubular Screw Conveyor and Feeder system is extremely flexible offering an assortment of standard solution for handling of fine or granular materials.
  • A typical advantage of TU series is that it has better proficiency.

Saksham Industrial Engineers particular mission is to provide our customers with the long-lasting, most efficient conveyor systems for their particular bulk material handling applications.

Examples from this admired, entrenched range are working in much storage and processing plants across the globe, handling several different kinds of bulk materials.

The vigorous, modular design guarantees simple gathering, installation and maintenance and is accessible in mild steel (painted or galvanized) and stainless steel to suit customer necessities and the site environment.

Our full-modified systems offer the best solutions to your day by day conveying challenges. We deliver unrivaled strength and value for ever the most forceful material transfer applications. We also provide multi point Dust Collectors system fundamentally consists of a Dust Filter.

Better-quality bulk material handling equipment is only part of the SAKSHAM different. We’ve earned over 90% repeat business we’re more than just a manufacturer of passing on system; we’re your business partner.

Lots of customers consider SAKSHAM exclusively designed screw conveyors to be a perfect solution for their bulk material handling challenges because:

  • They handle the full array of materials, from semi-fluid to dry and from lethargic to free-flowing.
  • Their numerous inlet and discharge points permit the proficient distribution to bulk materials to different locations.
  • Their operation consists of a solitary turning screw, which equates to easier and less-frequent maintenance.
  • They move product inside a completely enclosed tube, minimizing risks related with corrosive and other dangerous materials.

Our straightforward conveying system design, restricted chain formula, construction materials, workmanship and QA/QC procedures guarantee quality and performance you can count on. All with a low-priced of ownership. We can as well perform a full test run of your bulk material handling equipment prior to delivery to basically ensure fit and execution.

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