Silo Safety component and Silo Accessories

The several equipment attached to bulk solid storage silos function properly,product level in silos are monitored. Silo filters are used for dust collection, pressure sensors, pressure relief valves works for silo safety. Discharge equipment work for durable product flow and valves and feeder control the silos discharge.

Silo Pressure Relief Valve

Silo pressure relief valves are very important safety devices which used in bulk solid storage silos. This relief valve is used to prevent any high pressure in silo, during filling with pneumatic conveying of silos. Pressure relief valve maintain the low pressure when there may be risk of pressure increase above the determine level within silos.

Silo Aeration System:

Different type of Vibrating Bin Aerator combines product aeration under operating pressure reaching with an additional slight vibration on the silo wall. The damage of silo is impossible with abrasive materials because of its designs

Silo Bottom Butterfly Valve:

The silo Butterfly Valves consist of two high pressures, die cast semi-bodies manufactured from aluminum alloy. The closing mechanism takes the form of a disc which allows for quick shut off. 

Silo Safety System

The Silo Safety System is designed to dramatically minimize this risk. In operation, the infrared sensors are utilized to enable all silos, if when the truck is in the proper position. Working with silos can be dangerous the right approach can help you and your farm workers keep safe.

Features include:

  • Significantly reduces the possibility of wrong site selection and silo installation.

  • The signs are displayed on each equipment planning is in place.

  • In-dependency and compatibility of silos are with automation and manual switches.

  • No operator interaction normally needed – it’s always on guard

  • Bright lamps clearly depict sensor and silo enable status

  • Fire and explosion risk including grain dust is controlled in silo accessories and electrical safety is considered.

  • Terminal strips facilitate easy electrical wiring

  • Utilized solid-state outputs for rugged reliability

  • bulk handling plant and equipment for loading and unloading is guarded

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