A screw conveyor is a versatile conveyor used in many industries and many process plants for transfer bulk solid materials and powders. It need low maintenance and cost effective which is biggest advantages for all, it available in different types, shapes and size as demanded by various industries.

Screw feeder consists of a tube in which loose materials are moved and converted in semi liquid form. It is made by highly durable stainless steel which serves for long time period. A helical screw blade which mounted on a central shaft is used in the screw conveyor for the process of moving course materials inside the tube. This inside tube fitted with feeder at one end. The spiral blade coiled around the rod is directed at one end and held at the other.

The different types of screw conveyor which are given below-

Tubular Screw Conveyor- It is an essential part of many conveying and storage systems dealing with powdered or granular materials. It’s simple and robust in design which is easy to maintain, it is also low cost versatile handling equipment with many applications in manufacturing and processing factories.

Trough screw conveyor- The trough screw conveyor is used as a collecting or distributing conveyor. It is used to transport fine-grained and coarse-grained products such as grain, flours, and compound feed vertically or horizontally. This conveyor made up of U and V-shaped trough equipped with one outlet and an end plate at each trough ended.

Vertical screw conveyor- The compact design allows for the vertical screw conveyor is to fit into almost any type of plant layout. it is cost-effective and used in wastewater treatment facilities and many industries which deal with wood products, chemical, food, and minerals.

Ice Flakes Screw conveyor- Screw conveyor system are the most efficient solution for conveying ice. This conveyor is used to feed the flakes of ice to batch Bin. The ice flakes are used in heavy Dam projects and infrastructure projects to control the temperature.

Applications: •

Screw conveyor is mostly used for the handling for grains and conveying to transport bulk materials and powders, its help to convert unrefined solids into fluids.

Screw conveyors are used to mechanically transfer powered materials from one end to another end. The wide range of powered and granular materials like cement, calcium, PVC, wheat can transport by it.

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