Poultry feed is today a different recipe for each & every poultry farm. The feed ingredients and their nutritional compositions are distorted to match their flocks.

A farmer might want to increase the protein value in the feed at a sure stage of the bird’s growth as well as another farmer might want to enhance the shell grit constitutions in the feed at a certain stage of the bird’s laying cycle.

There are options for the alternation in the feed composition to accumulate the farm in the deficiency gap. Like the latest days, the feed is not one source.

The raw materials for the feed are additionally available in the market at a good deal price to accumulate the raw materials as well as machinery to compose the feed are very much in the farmer’s buying capacity to make the feed by themselves.

In spite of these benefits the poultry farmers are availing nowadays, there is a manufacturing defect with the custom additions of the ingredient proportions.

To combine the raw material before the mixer, the composition of the raw material will sum to the weight but not the material individually.

What Are The Advantages Of Feeding & Batching System?

  1. Easy to understand and easy to adapt, the SAKSHAM Feeding and Batching plant has been programmed to be variable by the line staff in the farm who can operate the plant without a failure suspicion. The computerized exchange of the feed ingredient compositions is just some clicks easy later as well as the feed batch is ready to be drawn as designated.
  2. Understand the value of time and human errors, the SAKSHAM Feeding and Batching plant is a huge time-saving machine. Considering the implications involved in carrying the heavy sack of the ingredient of feed to the feed mixer & the labor time involved in hectic activity.
  3. The feed batching plant can carry feed ingredients from the great end source of a feed warehouse to the target. The easy mechanism of the high-sized auger in the high sized pipe can deliver the feed faster than some humans can, together.
  4. Accommodating from the densest material used in poultry feed compounds to the troublesome transfer material the SAKSHAM feed batching plant can commute any material without complexity.

What Are The Features Of Feeding And Batching System?

  1. A feature of the SAKSHAM feed batching plant is the pick from pit advantage. The feed can be deposited in their respective places with a pit which can be filled with the ingredient. The SAKSHAM Feeding and Batching System can pick the ingredient from the pit to the weight scale.
  2. The warehouse shall become organized with the benefits obtainable. An additional minor advantage with this pick from pit choice is that the ingredient can be bought from the market in trucks where the truck of material is unloaded at the position of the ingredient. This way, there is a small cast saved in unpacked material purchase.
  3. Reduced labor is a important proof with the SAKSHAM feed batching plant. The ratio of the labor can be brought down in an enormous ratio of 5:1 which explains that 1 person can substitute 5 people when working with the SAKSHAM Feeding and Batching plant.

We “SAKSHAM” are the reckoned manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Feeding and Batching System. The offered products are manufactured by making use of highest grade material with the help of ultra-modern machines in compliance with set industry standards. Moreover, these products are checked for their excellence parameters before being supplied to our clients.

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