SAKSHAM Slide Gate Valve are specially designed for use dry bulk materials, free-flowing solids, granules or powder. The gate valve is installed horizontally in a vertical pipe, which is also used in industry for on-off operation. It is a perfect valve for transmission and interruption of fluid movement which is mainly appropriate for crude, gas pipes, petrochemical oil depots, and other pipelines in the industrial process. It is a fabricated square or rectangular port low pressure for extremely solid loaded fluids or solids, primarily used in bulk handling & silo outlet applications in industries. Special construction materials for example stainless steel, aluminum, abrasion resistant metals and special coatings are available.

Slide Gate Valves can be operated with manual or actuators, as well as hand wheel, chain wheel pneumatic cylinder or electric actuators. Valves are offered in round, square, rectangular end connection configurations.

We at SAKSHAM are prominent Slide Gate Valves Manufactures Suppliers, and exporters in India. By understanding safety values, norms & technological demands, we deliver most effective and the highest excellence valves at the best prices. All these valves are made up of top-quality raw materials. For smooth, dependable and easy operations, slide gate valve is a perfect solution.

To handle huge number of dry powders, granules and other materials, we particularly designed the best Slide Gate Valve which is a mechanical device the installed into a system to provide on-off operation. It includes side plate which is made up of stainless-steel material to close or open flow of the material.

Slide Gate Valve: Advantages and Limitations

  1. Parallel Slide Gate Valves require very little space along the pipe axis and the installation procedure is simple and user friendly.
  2. The minimum flow restriction by the valve makes it perfect for the straight-line flow of fluid.
  3. The Slide Gate Valve provides the ease of cleaning directly by the pipe-clearing machine because of the diversion hole installed on the pipe.
  4. The sliding arrangement of the gate on the two seats makes it appropriate for use in media with suspended particles.
  5. The automatic positioning of the sealing surface of the Parallel Slide Gate Valve is the most significant advantage which makes it appropriate for large scale industrial use.
  6. The valve design permits the valve to sustain very high temperatures and prevent the sealing surface of the seat from getting damage by thermal deformation.
  7. In cold conditions, the extension of the stem will not overload the sealing surface even when the valve is closed.
  8. The Slide Gate Valve without a diversion hole does not need high precision for the closing position of the gate because of which an electric Slide Valves can use its stroke to control the opening & closing position.
  9. It can be used to regulate as well as throttle the flow of fluid if the seat is made into a V-shaped port and is guided closely to the gate.

Uses Of Slide Gate Valves

  • Handling bulk materials
  • Cut off bulk materials for following processing
  • Isolation of solids
  • For controlling or stopping flow of abrasive slurries


The Slide Gate Valve has a distinct feature of sealing surfaces between the gate & seats which is planar. This makes the valve most appropriate for use in a straight-line flow of fluid where minimum restriction is wanted. These valves offer a size advantage over other kinds of valves in terms of space to be allotted between pipe flanges to accommodate the valve. SAKSHAM is a professional Slide Gate Valve Manufacturer in India, if you have any query, please feel free to contact us.

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