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Vibro Sifter is additionally referred to as Gyro Screen and Vibrating Sieves. It’s a circular sifting machine, to perform separation, scalping and grading processes for dry and wet materials in chemical, pharmacy, and food and cement industries. This Sifter fit into construction lines, by as long as screening of materials capability without requiring wide space. The wide selection of machinery that we construct quality checked carefully on various parameters by experts. A good range of size and definition, that machine are often modified as per customer’s requirements. The machine also help in separating mass composition of solids, liquid from solid and gamut of materials on the idea of element structure. Gyro Screen enables users to perform operation which include classification, filtration, oversize and undersized removals. As manufacturer of Vibro Sifter is formed with good quality of materials and enriched with advance Technology. Design: Vibro sifter designed on fundamentals of gyratory motion .This Sifter comes in mirror polish with 0.1-0.2 RA surface finish inside also as outside and therefore the size range from 24’’ to 72”in dia. Our Vibro Sifters are springs mounted closed sifting machines, fitted with vertical vibration motor, mesh frame and sieve room. We’ve included strength, flexibility and quality, the separator is getting wide acceptance with cross sections of industries for various duties .The Vibrating Sieves machines are usually available in many various configurations with varying design and capabilities. Our clients have options to settle on from chrome steel base of painted base, the steel base is ideal for paint industries and may be clean easily. Specifications and Features: As we manufactured and provide vibrating Sieves with specialized options so as to form the machine best suitable for your requirement. The selection of screen or capacity, we've technology and expertise to style a vibro screen which will exactly match to your needs. All spare parts also available in minimum time of your research. The fabric of Vibro Sifter separated on the idea of particle size.
  • High capacity & optimum use of space.
  • Process adaptability.
  • Low operating and maintenance cost.
  • Dust proof.
  • Easy for assembly and disassembly for cleaning and adaptability of screens.
  • Compact and stylish designs.
Application: The Vibro Sifter has many applications which are often custom made for a particular application. it's commonly utilized in the pharmaceutical and food processing industry. it's several applications, mainly within the wood processing industry also because the industry . Additionally, it's also useful for the fertilizer industry, plastic industry, industry, ceramic industry and for construction material industry.
  • Oil industries
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agro products
  • Minerals
  • Metal powder
  • Ceramics

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