Slide Gate Valve

Slide Gate valves are used to provide for controlling the free flowing of dry bulk materials, this slide valve also known as Knife gate valves. These valves are installed at the outlet of dry bulk storage bins, silos, mechanical conveyors or similar gravity discharge points.

The rectangular Knife is a thick sheet of metal that moves horizontally in the valve body. It can be kept open at intended level. Slide gate valves are designed to shut off the flow of product or for flow adjustments from outlets of dry bulk storage bins, silos, conveyors and other discharge points.

When the blade is in open position, bulk material in powdered, flake or granular form falls freely through the slide gate valve. When the blade is closed, it shut-off valve and prevents the product flow with the aid of proper sealing. In additional, sliding blade can be adjusted in any position to maintain the product flow.

Design Features of Slide Gate Valves

The valve frame is constructed from heavy steel with a hardened ground blade which rides on solids guides. Slide Gate Valves can be accomplished in many ways to operating the machine, hydraulically for power, electrically for precise positioning, and manually for maintenance and flow control.

The Blade seals are selected according to the material being handled and are available to suit any application. The model of inlet liner provides an ideal blade seal when handling granular products. The frame seals are to be used to handling fine dusty material. Adjustable seals are also available to eliminate for seal replacement. These seals are balanced from the outside valve frame, that makes unique in industrial sector.

The flow control package

The flow control package consists of a manually actuated and a powered Slide Gate Valve. With this configuration you can preset product flow with the manual valve and use the powered valve as a shut off.


  • Heavy-duty rollers with anti-friction bearings for withstanding head loads.

  • Sturdy designs with Heavy-duty structural frames for greater rigidity.

  • High Force Actuators to cut through upset conditions.

  • Dust-Tight Construction to eliminate dust emissions.

  • Can be constructed out of Mild Steel or Stainless Steel depending on application.

Slide Gate Valve Application

  • Silo discharge slide gate valves are generally actuated by pneumatic pistons.

  • These valve used for opening and closing the flow products automatically to discharge the product to downstream.

  • Feeding of powdered or granular materials are done before mixing. And mixed product is discharged after mixing.

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