Volumetric Feeder
Pollution free feeding of powders is more important than efficiency, ever more important in the face of rising prices, the quality of your micro-batch feeders is crucial. That’s why we stock only the simplest products, informed by our experience and knowledge of our client’s needs and therefore the technical aspects of the devices which will meet them. Micro Feed Screw is particularly suitable for feeding poorly flowing powders and granular materials without causing the formation of lumps or bridges. The designs of Feeder ensure that accurate feeding of powdery or granular materials. Machine designs maximum wear resistance, This Feeder contains chrome steel, horizontally mounted rotating agitator tools, a feeder pipe enclosing the protruding feeder screw, one drive unit for agitator and feeder screw. The micro feeder is generally used for handling flours, starch and vitamin premixes. The size of the product particles is importance when selecting the type of feeder screw. For example tapered screws used for heavy materials with reduced pitch gliding, while standard pitch cylindrical screws require lighter materials. Poorly flowing products with solidity or bridging problems are equivalent fed up into feeding area by the blending handle which is shaped according to product properties. Micro-Batch Feeders can be supply other feeder screws and blending tools and various accessories on the user’s requirements. This Feeders have been operating in the different industries such as food, building, plastics, chemicals, packaging, environmental technology etc. Features Innovative modular fabricated components Available in dia 30 and 90 mm. Agitator and feeder tool with separate drive units. Wide range of interchangeable stainless steel feeder tools & Interchangeable coreless screws in mild or stainless steel. Versatile, adaptable, compact, reliable, accurate High quality surface finishing & Easy to clean construction Direct drive, coupling or chain-drive arrangements. Long working span and low maintenance Variable speed available for controlled dosing Body manufactured from stainless steel (the entire feeder may come in stainless steel with all components being interchangeable with the SINT version) Application Pigment and additive dosing within the ready mix concrete industry Pigment and additive dosing in the building chemicals industry; All types of dosing and mixing in the food industry Chemicals, paint and similar applications of powder and granule dosing Major Sectors: Concrete Industry Dry Premix & Building Materials Paint and Putty plants Food Processing & Plastics Chemicals Detergent

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