Rotary Airlock Valve
For the industrial purpose, rotary Valve and slide gate Valve is widely used due to its unique functionalities. However, these Valves are manufactured by the professional Saksham Industrial Engineers. The expert team produced this Valve by meeting the industrial requirements. Of course, the rotary air lock valve is designed to compact and provide a controlled and continuous discharge of powdery or granular material. It consists of a rotor with pockets that are designed with controls by feeding regulatory framework. By seeing its rotor speed and filling ratio, it can use for the industrial process. Most importantly, rotary valves have a wide range of applications and have controlled flow. Applications of rotary air lock valve It takes bulk materials and doses the material proportionally. This air lock Valve has a drop and access through blow options. The product is suitable for cast iron and provides better accuracy for the air locking system. On the other hand, the rotary air lock valve is designed to maintain a differential pressure. It has a controlled product flow rate for an application. The airlock system has been installed with various industrial applications. It is suitable for various powdery and granular materials for the industry standard.
  • Dosing the material can convey line
  • It maintains airlock between a screw conveyor and conveying line
  • Rotary airlock has a mixer and carrying process forever
  • It will access according to smooth discharge from a hopper
  • It usually blows through rotary Valve used for accurate pneumatic conveying
Why use Slide Gate Valve On the other hand, the slide gate valve is designed to get a nice flow of products for flow adjustments. It has excellent outlets to get dry bulk storage bins and silos, and so on. These can be operated manually or electrically for managing for application. However, blade seals are selected according to the material change. Of course, Saksham Industrial Engineers provide a slide gate valve which is handled and suits for any application. Based on the body and blade in carbon steel or stainless, it is widely used for industrial purposes. They can be available in different shapes and sizes. As a result, customers can find out with pressure-proof by adjusting with a modular system. Applications of Slide Gate Valve Due to high-grade EPDM seals, it offers leak-proof working as per the industry standard. It is widely used for interchangeable components for accessing with 0.2 bar pressure-proof forever. This gate valve has strong enough to use for industrial purposes.
  • It is used in Silo and hopper discharge points
  • This can be used in food-grade Valves for powder or granular material
  • It has an outlet of screw conveyor and loading bellows at cylindrical chutes
They can operate manually and act towards demand. It has excellent flow adjustments and takes out from outlets. It carries out with the majority of designs applicable for various industrial purposes. Slide gate Valve is widely for multiple applications. Some of them are listed below as follows.  

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