Loss in weight feeder
In general, the loss in weight feeder is one of the top notch controlled gravimetric screw feeding gadget positioned on the scale weighing system and with the hopper containing material. The weigh scale can able to measure the weight loss of the material per unit of time and then it will control the feed screw speed for maintaining the required output in a top notch manner. At the time, when the products available in hopper have arrived with the fixed minimum level of weight, the weight loss control will be interrupted briefly and then hopper will be effectively recharged. The capacity of loss in weight feeder will be 3 dm 3/H to 4000 dm 3/H. Impact of loss in weight feeder: The loss in weight feeder can able to use for all kind of small to medium feeding ranges. It is having the potential to work under the optimum ambient conditions with the most extraordinary precision. It is very much flexible and it can able to handle various kind of Solids, Granules and even some of the poorly flowing items. It can also be used in more number of the continuous process like feeding extrudes needed a top notch level of the short term feeding consistency. It will also be used in the laboratories and food industries by means of adapted feeding gadgets and needed storage containers. This design has been varying from the compact constructions to the modular concept based on its usage level. Features of loss in weight feeder:
  • Long term repeat-ability and accuracy
  • There will be minimum variations among the reliable feed rates
  • Quick responding system
  • Quality documentation and historical recordings
  • Top notch accuracy
  • Dust control will be effective.
Important Sectors of loss in weight feeder:
  • Putty and Paint plants
  • Dry Building and Premix Materials
  • Plastics
  • Food Processing
  • Detergent
  • Chemicals
Applications of loss in weight feeder:
  • Needs for fast controlling and the top notch ac-curacies
  • No contamination and easy cleaning
  • Gravimetric product dosing from the hopper to its system effectively
  • Working in the extraordinary closed loop system
  • The dosing application will be very small capacity
Major principle: The major principle of loss in weight feeder is that, when the material is fed via this feeder, then the system weight will be measured & controlled continuously. The loss in weight feeder controlling will turn out the particular feed rate and then as a result, this weight loss speed will match the required feed rate in a top notch manner. The loss in weight feeder will also continuously control to check whether or not the material has been flowing. Any kind of product or the components they are consisting of will be weighed regularly at the time of operation. The components used are material, hopper, and the feeder. For instance, the Gravimetric feeders will consist of slight fluctuations in its feed rates.  In order to ensure the product, these fluctuations will be occurred in the augers filling capacity.

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