Vertical Screw Conveyor
Vertical Screw Conveyors are a competent way for uplifting an assortment of bulk equipment from vertical persuade in order to entirely vertically. The compact design of this product allows the vertical screw conveyors are a steadfast and cost effectual component of any bulk component usage progression.   Vertical screw feeding systems always abounding in the permutation of the vertical screw and horizontal screw attached at ninety-degree screw conveyors to each other that have a tubular body which is made up of more than one flagged segments within. This product is quartered a screw voyage or worm-on-pipe. The inner voyage is rotated to convey the substance to the end of release from the point of feed.   Applications of Vertical Screw Conveyor It helps in transferring the material to storage bin from bags.
  1. It helps in transferring the substances to heights more than 20meters.
  2. It helps in discontinues feeding of hoppers/silos.
  3. It is ideal for feeding in space constraint applications.
  4. It helps in dust-free loading of hoppers/silos.
  Features of Vertical Screw Conveyor 1 It works even in low maintenance; there is no need to maintain in order to get work done in a better way.
  1. It can lifts material at ninety degrees that would be in a totally vertical direction.
  2. It has a compact design and needs very less space.
  3. It is best for low power consumption compared to that pneumatic feeding system.
  4. It has an enclosed design for dust-tight needs.
  5. It is available in capacity up to 90m3/hr.
  6. It is one of the ideal products for handling of granular materials and dry powders.
  Major sectors of Vertical Screw Conveyor 1 Plastic
  1. Concrete plants
  2. Chemicals
  3. Food processing
  4. Dry Premix and building materials
  5. Paint and putty plants
  6. Detergents
  A screw conveyor has various types that are as follows:  1 Inclined screw conveyor: They are horizontally used to a purpose. Assigning competence depends on the apt degree. The conveying efficiency lessens as the degree of incline augment.  
  1. Horizontal Screw conveyor: These types of screw conveyors are used at a large scale and are accessible in numerous sizes, construction materials and forms. They are used for all types of materials whether it is light; free-flowing, heavy or lumpy.
  1. Vertical screw Conveyor: It is one of the cost-efficient types of the screw and its design assists it to fit in any kind of layout. This type of screw is used in wastewater treatment facilities. Also, it is used in many industries that deal with chemical, minerals, wood products, and food.
  1. Shaft less screw conveyors: It assists in easily transferring the material as the exterior of the screw conveyors is non-bottleneck. The construction of shaft less screw conveyor offers soft flexibility.
  Advantages of using vertical screw conveyors 1 It is totally enclosed design for vapor and dust-tight requirements
  1. It is one of a type of ideal product for handling semi-fluid to dry materials from free-flowing to slightly sluggish.
  2. It has the ability to elevate materials in bulk more than thirty feet without any use of internal bearings.
  3. It is available in capacities more than six thousand cubic feet per hour.

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