U trough Screw Conveyor
What is screw conveyor? Screw conveyor is also known as auger conveyor. It is a machine that makes use of rotating helical which is mounted within a tube or trough in order to transfer liquid or granular materials.   It is highly demanded in bulk handling industries, while in the contemporary industry it is often utilized horizontally or even at a slight inclination as an effectual way to move semi-solid materials like meat & bone meal, food waste, cereal grains, wood chips, municipal solid waste as well as animal feed.   There are mainly two types of screw conveyor Tubular Screw Conveyor as well as U trough Screw Conveyor. You can purchase both of these conveyors from Saksham Industrial at a very reasonable price.   Tubular Screw Conveyor The tubular screw conveyor is considered as the most indispensable part of several conveying as well as storage systems that are dealing with granular or powdered materials.   This conveyor is well-known due to its simple maintenance, smooth functioning as well as robust design. It is often considered as the low cost multipurpose handling equipment that is used for a number of applications in processing and manufacturing plants.   It has a tubular body which is made using one or more flanged sections that consist of worm-on-pipe or screw flight. The internal flight starts to rotate that further assists in transporting the material from the point of feed to the point of the discharger.   Depending upon the application, tubular screw conveyors can also be made using carbon steel or stainless steel which helps in preserving the premium quality standards as well as with superior surface finishing.   This type of conveyor is widely used for a number of applications including:
  • Feeding and conveying at tough inclinations
  • Silo feeding, conveying as well as discharging
  • Continuous feeding & conveying
  • Batch feeding & controlling
  Therefore, tubular screw conveyor comes with smart feed & discharge spouts that help in offering the flexibility of mounting and housing minor site variations.   U trough Screw Conveyor This conveyor comes with rotating screw flights with U shaped trough in order to smoothly move different materials.   U trough Screw Conveyor is very useful as it renders abundant solutions for feeding as well as conveying the powdery or granular materials. You can find this conveyor in different variants like heavy, medium and light at Saksham international at a reasonable price.   This conveyor is specially designed to handle foods and chemicals work at various industries. It is also perfect for conveying a wide gamut of free flowing powders, pellets, granules as well as flakes.   It is highly demanded in different sectors right from chemicals, cement plants, plastics, dry premix & building materials, glass, detergent, food processing to paint & putty plants.   Therefore, the U trough screw conveyor is considered as one of the perfect ways to move semi-solid materials effectively like animal feed, food waste, boiler ash, aggregates and many more.

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