Basically, a vertical screw conveyor is a screw rotating inside a vertical housing. It conveys material vertically. Compared to other types of elevating conveyors, it requires less space. The vertical screw conveyor has the ability to handle most bulk materials if there are no large lumps. It has the capability typically not possible to go higher than 30 meters. It requires careful feeding. In general, It is fed by an offset or straight horizontal feeder conveyor.

5 Advantages of Vertical Screw Conveyor: Efficient design:

The vertical screw conveyor is compact and easy to use. You can use it in congested places. It has a vertical inlet configuration. It has high-speed screw blades through that you can transport materials. A screw blade is used to drive particle movement through the rotary shaft. There are many industries that can benefit from screw conveyors, including chemical processing, mineral processing, food processing, wood processing, and wastewater treatment. Various vertical screw conveyor configurations are available. You can offset or align the inlet sections. Horizontal feed conveyors must accurately meter bulk materials directly to the vertical conveyor's inlet for maximum efficiency.

Easy to install:

You can insert it very easily because it has flexibility. The installation process is simple and easy. The Vertical Inlet Configuration is the perfect solution to meet the needs of production. It is suitable and recommended to use a Vertical Screw Assembly system over the Pneumatic Loading system. A vertical screw assembly includes the Horizontal Screw Feeder that is installed below silos or hoppers. This vertical machine is fed by a horizontal feeding screw synchronized with feed rate and speed. Screw conveyor drives drive both the feed screw and the vertical screw.

More cost-effective:

 It is available at a cheap rate in the market. You do not need to invest a large amount of money to take the service of it. It is very cost-effective for wastewater facilities, wood production, chemical, and food, as well as mining operations. as a result, Vertical screw conveyor parts are also cheap in the market. It handles dry and semi-fluid materials while controlling sluggish and free-flowing materials with minimizing cost.

Requires less space:

 Vertical screw conveyors move material vertically. It takes up less space than some other types of elevating conveyors. In general, It can handle bulk materials with no bulky lumps. Typically, its maximum height is 30 meters. Vertical Screw conveyors provide an ideal solution to material handling problems because they provide an elevating action with a minimum amount of space. Top bearings for screw shafts should be designed to withstand both thrust and radial loads with less space. It is a space saver.

Material discharge in any direction:

You can discharge material in any direction with it.so Materials can discharge through an opening similar to that on a horizontal conveyor in a vertical screw. In some cases, the material can transfer into a subsequent conveyor or process by connecting the discharge spout to an elbow or through another type of discharge. A number of vertical screws are affixed with kicker paddles, other paddle or reverse flight devices to ensure a complete discharge of material. If a discharge spout becomes clogged and unable to handle the normal material flow. Typically, there is an opening at the top of the discharge spout that spills the material. If the discharge spout becomes clogged and cannot handle the regular flow of material.

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